The Yurt (or gher as the Mogolians call them) are the traditional homes of the nomadic people who live in the steppes of Central Asia. They are used as housing as they are easy to take down and move as they traveled the landscape. These traditional tent like 'houses' are made from grasses, wood and hair felt, basically the resources that are available freely to those who live in them. They dont have nails anywhere in sight and are made by slotting together carefully crafted supports and beams to form a structure that is both strong, sturdy and weatherproof. Here in the modern world of course Yurts are predominantly made from canvas insead of felt as its more convenient that usin sheeps wool or yak and animal hair.



Yurt Camping

Yurt camping in poppit sands is ideal as yurts can handle the pumbeling rain and winds easily and also give excellent shelter from the sun when we do have our little UK summers. They are also ideal as they can be easily moved meaning that you can take them down in the winter or move them a little to let the ground rest. They are also a beautiful space that allows people to have the camping experience with the feeling of the outdoors but with the little luxuries of life such as an open stove, beds and a canvas roof thats gauranteed not to leak if you do have the misfortune to see a little rain, its also alot cooler if you happen to be in the blazing sun.

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We have bought 5 yurts this year to try out, made by He has the experience and the knoledge in yurt making for our weather conditions and has enabled us to have yurts that can withstand the sea air - or some of the sea gales that we get in stormy weather. The design has been modified to be both strong and waterproof under any conditions, so even if the weather is not 'camping' weather you can sit back and relax and enjoy the sound of the rain on the canvas.

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